What is NAT Firewall?


What is NAT Firewall?

January 2, 2023

NAT Firewall is an additional layer of security for your VyprVPN connection. It blocks unrequested inbound traffic when you're connected to VyprVPN. No additional configuration or software is required. Because it runs on our servers, NAT Firewall protects any device connected to VyprVPN.

Do you need NAT Firewall?

Hackers and bots scan the Internet for unprotected devices they can exploit for identity theft and spamming. They gain access to your system through Internet connections left open by your applications. Using these connections, they can install malware and steal your personal information. NAT Firewall blocks their scans from reaching your device or computer when you connect with VyprVPN.

Why is NAT Firewall important to use with VyprVPN?

NAT Firewall is particularly important when you connect to the Internet through a wireless router. Wireless routers use Network Address Translation (NAT) to share an Internet connection between multiple devices on a network. When a wireless router receives an unrequested inbound scan, it doesn't know which device should receive it, so the scan is rejected. However, VyprVPN tunnels past your wireless router, giving you a dedicated connection to the Internet. Since your VyprVPN connection isn't shared, unrequested inbound scans are no longer rejected. NAT Firewall protects you from these scans when you connect with VyprVPN.

Doesn't My Operating System Already Have a Firewall?

NAT Firewall is highly recommended for mobile devices, most of which don't have any built-in firewall protection. However, most desktop operating systems have built-in firewalls. Unfortunately, operating system firewalls aren't perfect. Connecting without NAT Firewall is fundamentally less safe because the malicious traffic actually reaches your device, leaving your system's firewall as the only line of defense. Hackers and bots look for bugs in your operating system and mistakes in your OS firewall permissions. NAT Firewall blocks this traffic completely, thus eliminating a range of exploits. While we do recommend you continue to use your OS firewall, we highly recommend NAT Firewall as an additional layer of security.

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